So, surely you’ve heard that someone did the internet a good service by putting Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo on Pornhub. It sounds like a strange pairing but when you really think about it, what better place to stream an album than at one of the most popular websites (66th to be exact) on the entire internet?
Unfortunately, the stream has since been taken down from the website. Considering how strange of a situation this was, we reached out to Pornhub to get their thoughts on everything (and ask a couple of other Kanye-related questions). Corey Price, Vice President of Pornhub, explains what happened and shares a couple of pro tips.

So was this the work of Kanye or some anonymous user?
Since we received a DMCA takedown notice we assume it was not uploaded by Kanye, but you never know.
When it comes to things like this being uploaded, does it remain on Pornhub for a certain amount of days or does someone immediately take it off?
We removed the infringing content as soon as we received the notice.
What’s the weirdest thing, music-wise, that anyone’s ever put on Pornhub?
“Black Dick” by Xiu Xiu (NSFW). This was an official release for the launch of the song by Xiu Xiu.
Do you think a Pornhub exclusive release of Kanye West’s music would help him get out of debt?
An exclusive release of Kanye’s music on Pornhub would be a big boost for him, and would improve his financial situation.
What would you say is the best Kanye West song to masturbate to?
“The New Workout Plan.” It has the perfect beat for masturbation.
What do you think Kanye’s favorite adult film category is?
Big ass, of course. But anal probably comes a close second.
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