ve you ever come across someone’s Tinder profile and thought “Eh, not my type… but I could TOTALLY see them with so-and-so”? It used to be that your only viable strategy in that scenario was taking a screenshot of a profile and sending it to your friend, leaving them to swipe and swipe and swipe away in the hopes of magically coming across said perfect match.
Now, Tinder is simplifying that process tenfold by testing a new feature that will encourage users to share profiles with their friends. Think of it as a new system of mobile wingmen and wingwomen ready to get their Cupid on.
Here’s how it works: Users can now send a link to a profile they come across via text, allowing the recipient to swipe left or right on that profile. The link is temporary, and will expire after five clicks or 72 hours, whichever comes first. (That built-in self-destruction feature may actually end up being a great thing; it means the link to your profile won’t be able to get passed around for all eternity.)
Ultimately, it sounds like the “Share” feature will increase possible connections while adding a human element to the draining swiping process. But if it gets to be too much (i.e., your nosy aunt somehow gets on Tinder and starts sending you all the “nice young men and women” she thinks you’ll love), you can opt out in the app’s Discovery Settings.
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