(HIPHOPDX)MIAMI, FL – Miami music producer and alleged drug dealer Harrison “Cuban Harry” Garcia is on trial for federal drug charges, this after Homeland Security investigators nabbed the 26-year-old in a sting. In the trial, it has come forth that Lil Wayne and Chris Brown’s affiliation with Garcia is now under investigation.

The Miami Herald reports that federal authorities are examining a $15,000 wire transfer Brown made to Garcia’s bank account in 2016 that was allegedly used to purchase “lean” and other drugs. The paper adds that Garcia admitted to investigators that he sold “a lot of narcotics” to Lil Wayne, according to a federal agent’s testimony on Thursday. Garcia’s attorney attempted to get the agent to elaborate on his client’s confession but was refused after he cited that there’s still an open investigation.

The authorities believe that Garcia’s high-flying lifestyle that he promoted on Instagram was supplanted by a hidden drug operation. Under the username “Muhammad_A_Lean,” Garcia showed off expensive cars, jewels, and there are photos of him purporting to have access to “po up,” which is another name for the lean drug.

Garcia’s attorneys are attempting to frame their client’s antics online to nothing more than showboating to build a social media following and not promote his role as a promethazine kingpin. The attorneys also believe they’re making Garcia a scapegoat as they hope to implicate Brown and Lil Wayne in connection with the drug cartel.

Evidence displayed at the trial revealed some potentially incriminating texts between Lil Wayne and Garcia for an exchange of cash for drugs. And the aforementioned wire transfer from Brown also revealed that Garcia essentially said via text to an unknown woman that the money was for lean and drugs.

The trial continued this Friday.
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