(ABC)PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A new effort is underway to bring gun safety in the city of Philadelphia.

Philadelphia's Sheriff shows off a gun lock, one of the thousands that will be available free through his 5th floor office at City Hall, and to be distributed on the streets this summer by town watch outfits.

Andrew Murphy of Town Watch Services said, "This is going to give us an opportunity as we travel this summer through the neighborhoods, working with town watch citizens and the residents of the city to get a lot of these things out, and possibly save more than a life."

Sheriff Jewell Williams adds, "All you have to do is lock the gun, so it cannot be used."

Hundreds of shot are fired in this city each year because of temporary anger or guns falling into the hands of children. The hope is that this can cut down on this senseless carnage.

City Council President Darrell Clarke said, "There were more than two hundred individuals who lost their lives as a result of getting access to weapons last year. One is too many."

These gun locks are vinyl converted steel cables that thread through the pistol chamber and prevent the weapon from firing

Sheriff Williams said, "And when there is a grandchild. There's a child whose coming home. They are going to be all over your house, whether you are sitting at the coffee table, or while you're watching television. It will make you think, make you wonder, is my gun safe."

The free gun lock program starts right away.

For more information, visit the Philadelphia Sheriff's website.
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