(NEWYORKPOST)A 15-year-old girl is dead after meeting her alleged killer on social media.

According to WPVI, Sabriya McLean traveled to Philadelphia from her home in Delaware on Monday to meet Cole Swaringer-Herring, 23, whom she met on Facebook.

Her parents reported her missing that same day, the outlet reports.

The next morning, McLean's body was discovered under a pile of leaves near Swaringer-Herring's apartment complex, police revealed during a press conference.

Investigators say McLean was stabbed more than 80 times before being set on fire.


Sabriya McLean, a 15-year-old Delaware girl, was found stabbed and burned after traveling to Philadelphia to meet 23-year-old Cole Swaringer-Herring. (FACEBOOK/HANDOUT) Sources told WPVI that Swaringer-Herring's parents were both out at the time and when they returned home he allegedly told them what he had done. They reportedly alerted police the next morning.

Swaringer-Herring, 23, is now charged with murder, arson, abuse of a corpse and related offenses.

He is currently being held without bail and has a preliminary hearing set for December 20.
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