GUANGZHOU: Chinese authorities are looking for a man who was filmed walking on a beach in southern Guangdong province with a dolphin slung over his shoulder. The man, said to be a tourist, later placed the mammal in his car and drove away, reported Chinese news website on Wednesday (May 2). In a video reportedly filmed on Tuesday, during China’s three-day labour day holiday, a man in swimming shorts is seen casually walking down the beach, carrying a dolphin with one hand and holding a mobile phone in another. The dolphin appears lifeless. According to the report, the man found it stranded on the beach in Hailing Island, a popular tourist destination. The video made its rounds on Chinese social media and the local fisheries bureau has launched an investigation. “Dolphins are protected animals in China,” said an official quoted in the report. “Whether it is dead or alive, it is wrong to take it away. He should have called the authorities to deal with the matter.” The official added that the police are on the case, and the man will be punished if he is identified and found. Read more at
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